Hayward Gordon mixers include; Portable, Top Entry, Side Entry, Dynamic In-Line, and Static. Sizes extend from fractional horse power clamp mount agitators, to 500+ horsepower mixers for the largest and most demanding applications encountered. Mounting options include standard baseplate mounted open tank configurations and sealed units for high pressure, high temperature applications.



Komax Systems Inc. is a mixing and systems engineering company. Static mixer applications include liquids, gases, slurries and particulates in both laminar and turbulent flow conditions.

Their unique triple action static mixing design, which only Komax can provide, includes two-by-two division, cross-current mixing, and back mixing counter rotating vortices. This patented triple action mixing design enables Komax to manufacture and supply its static mixers and systems in virtually any material of construction and in any size.


Komax Triple Action Industrial Mixers


Komax mixers are based on a simple but sophisticated design concept. Patented low pressure drop static mixer provides the highest degree of mixing. No other static mixer/contactor/reactor technology approaches the patented Hi-Pass static mixer mixing effectiveness.

  • Custom fabricated designs available with multiple port configuration
  • Unique flow straightener is built into each mixer 
  • Can be supplied with 2, 3, or 4 mixing elements 
  • The most effective static mixer on the market today


Komax Triple Action Sanitary Mixer



Komax in-line motionless static mixers for beverage applications are available in a wide variety of configurations including: 

  • 304L/316L or specialty stainless steels
  • Welded in place or removable elements
  • Electropolished or passivated housings
  • Clean in place (CIP) configurations
  • All styles of end fittings including standard flanged connections, sanitary connections and plain pipe ends


Komax Direct Steam Injection/Starch Cooker

Komax direct steam heaters with six in-line mixing chambers contain no moving parts. Static mixing elements inside each chamber provide uniform mixing of the steam with the starch stream resulting in completely uniform cooking.

  • Sanitary units available
  • Pulp & Paper stock & whitewater heating
  • Starch Cooking
  • Instant hot water
  • Tank heaters (Sceptor)