Process Blowers


With more than a century of experience, HIBON offers to the market a world-class range of air blowers and compression equipment used to provide air/gas volumes at varying pressures above atmospheric, and for vacuum duties. ISO 9001 certified for the system of design, manufacture and maintenance of blowers and compressors, HIBON is dedicated to quality, through the quality of its people and performance of its production equipment.


Bare Shaft Blowers

SN  |  S2H  |  SIAV / VTB  |  Truckstar and TS  |  TS 32 & TS 56 (US only)  |  SN-S  |  SN-P  |  SME 

Blowers & Compressors Packages

SilentFlow - Blower packages  |  HCS  |  V-Centrif  |  V-SF  |  VP 

Process Blower Packages